Clean Bayou Fund

The Clean Bayou Fund supports efforts to restore and conserve Southwest Louisiana’s waterways and watersheds, erect and/or maintain public works, lessen the burdens of government and combat community deterioration by organizing large-scale cleanups and employing modern, technological solutions to the community’s trash and pollution epidemic. 

Donations to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana are processed by our affiliate, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The link below leads to a page on their website.

Please join us as we kindle community support and educate people on the damaging effects of litter and pollution, and begin to create a healthier environment in which to live.


  • Eric T Stevens Founder / President
  • Billy Pharr / Vice-President
  • Stephanie Barrett / Treasurer
  • Savannah Stevens / Secretary


  • Jeff Kudla
  • Cher Walker
  • Darrell Walker
  • Craig Crawford
  • James Guillbeaux
  • Shawn Stevens
  • Darren Martel
  • Joe Norman / Attorney

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