Clean Bayou wants to initiate change and needs your help!

Clean Bayou is a driving nonprofit organization dedicated to cleaning up the litter and pollution from the beautiful waterways of Southwest Louisiana. The waterways play a vital role in our local culture as we depend on them for work, food, and play.

Litter and pollution in our waterways threaten the quality of our lives and, as a community, we must work together to keep them clean.

Please join us as we kindle community support and educate people on the damaging effects of litter and pollution, and begin to create a healthier environment in which to live.


  • Eric T Stevens Founder / President
  • Billy Pharr / Vice-President
  • Stephanie Barrett / Treasurer
  • Savannah Stevens / Secretary


  • Jeff Kudla
  • Cher Walker
  • Darrell Walker
  • Craig Crawford
  • James Guillbeaux
  • Shawn Stevens
  • Darren Martel
  • Joe Norman / Attorney

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